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Privacy Policy

The following Statement of Privacy is mentioned to ensure all our visitors and patients have a safe online experience while accessing this website. We encourage you to read through all of it before continuing to use the site. If you disagree with any of the terms, you are prohibited from using this website.

Statement of Privacy

For régénérer®, our clients’ privacy is of utmost importance. We take all necessary measures to protect your privacy so you can have a safe online experience when using this website. This Privacy Policy concerns this régénérer® website, governing the data collected and used.

By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to be bound by all the terms explained in this policy.

Collection of Information

At times, this website might ask you to provide personally identifiable information. This may include (but not limited to) names, residential addresses, work addresses, phone numbers, and email ids.

Anonymous demographic data is also collected such as age, gender, ZIP codes, preferences, etc. This information is not unique to you.

This website may also collect automatic information from your computer hardware and/software. It may include your IP address, domain name, access times, and browser type you accessed the website on. régénérer® uses this information for quality improvement purposes for this website.

We take no responsibility for any personal information you disclose information on message boards or public forums. We are also not responsible for any privacy statement of websites linked or not linked to this website.

Usage and Sharing of Information

régénérer® may use your personal information to operate this website. The information may also be used to deliver services. We may also use your personal information to inform you of updates on other services or products offered by régénérer®.

We do not sell or rent personally identifiable information to third-parties. Some data might be shared with trusted parties for statistical analysis purposes, providing customer support, arrange deliveries or post mail or email. These third-parties are prohibited from using given information for reasons other than providing said services.

Sensitive information will not be shared without your explicit consent.

If required by law, your personal information may be disclosed to concerned authorities.

Security of Information

In our efforts to further improve security on your personal information, we have included other measures to protect it from unauthorized access, disclosure or use. The information you provide is secured in servers in secure environments.

Sensitive information such as credit card information is protected with encryptions such as the SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer protocol).


régénérer® uses cookies on this website to improve and personalize your experience when using this site.

A cookie is a text file that is saved on your computer/phone’s memory by a web server. It can’t be used to run programs or deliver viruses. They are files that are assigned to you and can only be read by the web server from the domain that issued the cookie in the first place.

The cookies may be used to advertise the practice using Google AdWords Remarketing. It would display ads to you based on which pages you visited on this régénérer® website.


Under the HIPAA guidelines, régénérer® ensures the privacy of your protected healthcare information. The terms are as follows. Please review them in detail before continuing to use the website.

How régénérer® may Use or Disclose your Protected Health Information

Under HIPAA, the clinic is permitted to use and disclose information in the following manner. Anything not included in the list is not permitted and warrants the clinic requiring the patient’s written consent.


Your physician may disclose your PHI with other medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, technicians and other caregivers for managing your healthcare.

Payment Transactions

The clinic may disclose specific medical information for reimbursement of insurance claims and to obtain payment for the services rendered. These may change depending on the nature of the services.

Healthcare Operations

Your PHI may be disclosed for the purposes of introducing changes, learning trends for procedure quality improvements, evaluating physician/nurse performance, and training. The information may also be used to obtaining certifications, accreditations, and licenses required to maintain legal operations of the clinic in Atlanta.


Disclosure of your PHI for research purposes is permitted in limited circumstances. It is disclosed only when a review board examines and ensures privacy protocols or when the patients give authorization.

Public Health Activities

The clinic is required to disclosed information if deemed necessary by law for:

  • Control or prevention of a disease
  • Injury
  • Disability

régénérer® may also disclose information to the FDA in case of an adverse effect caused by a product defect.

Victims of Abuse, Domestic Violence, or Neglect

We have the right to disclose information to appropriate legal authorities if we find reasonable proof of neglect, abuse, or domestic violence. This is included to ensure the patient’s safety and wellbeing.

Health Oversight Activities

Under HIPAA, we are permitted to disclose PHI to agencies that provide health oversight activities. This includes audits, criminal investigations, licensure, disciplinary actions, administrative audits, and other activities authorized by law.


Information will be disclosed to an emergency contact (personal representative), family member, or person responsible for your care in case of an emergency. Only the necessary information will be provided to notify about the patient’s location and general condition. If the patient is able to give permission, it will be documented.

Court Orders and Judicial Proceedings

régénérer® may disclose information in limited circumstances to law enforcement. This includes court orders, subpoena, warrant, etc. required for authorized purposes. Limited information may be disclosed when it concerns a possible suspect, missing person, crime victim, inmate under custody, etc.


PHI may be released to family members, funeral directors, coroners, and medical examiners to help carry out the rights of a deceased patient.

PHI Rights of the Patient

As per our HIPAA Compliance Policy, our patients have the following rights in regard to their protected health information.

Restrictions on PHI

Patients reserve the right to restrict disclosure and certain use of their PHI. The clinic isn’t required to accept the request unless it concerns information about plans, products, and services the patient pays out of pocket for.

Communication by Alternative Means and Locations

A patient can request the clinic to maintain and communicate PHI through contact information other than your current phone number and residential address. However, an accurate number and location will be required for emergency purposes.

Inspect and Obtain PHI

For the duration the clinic maintains a patient’s PHI records, they can request to access it or obtain a copy.

Amend the PHI

If a patient feels their PHI has incorrect or incomplete information, they can request the clinic to make an amendment. The request may be denied on valid grounds in some circumstances. The patient does have the right to have their request reviewed.

Receive Accounts of Disclosure

Patients can request to be notified of certain disclosures made by the facility.

Changes to this Statement

régénérer® holds the right to make changes and amendments to this privacy policy to reflect the practice. We encourage our clients and viewers to review the policy periodically to be aware of how our policies have changed.

Questions or Complaints?

If you have questions regarding the policy or feel any of the HIPAA policies have been violated, you can file a complaint with régénérer®.

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