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Pain-Free Procedures with Pro-Nox™

Pro-Nox™ Nitrous Oxide Sedation System for Pain-Free Procedures

Aesthetic procedures are on the bucket list of many. They are minimally invasive, utilizing techniques and tools that provide effective and long-lasting results with virtually no downtime.

However, many of these procedures can be the cause of anxiety and fear in some patients. For most people, it’s the anticipation of pain and discomfort that prevents them from taking the plunge and getting the treatment they want. For others, it is a rational fear of needles or lasers that causes apprehension.

Currently, there is a variety of anesthetic options available to relieve pain and anxiety. Some are topical, while others are administered via injections. However, many of these techniques carry various side effects, such as nausea, grogginess, and headaches.

régénérer® understands that many patients need a little bit of reassurance and medical aid to relax. To make sure each patient is treated with the utmost care throughout the procedures, we use the Pro-Nox™ sedation system.

Here at régénérer®, your care is our number one priority. Our commitment to providing exceptional patient service and positive experience, we have added the Pro-Nox™ system to effectively reduce the nerves you have during the procedure.

This allows us to provide anesthetic relief, helping alleviate pain and anxiety, as directed by the patient. The system delivers a mixture of oxygen and nitrous during the procedure so the patient could stay calm and in control of their pain relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pro-Nox™?

Pro-Nox™ is a safe and pneumatically-driven gas delivery system. It is designed to deliver a 50-50 ratio of oxygen and nitrous oxide to the patient through a mouthpiece. Previously, it was poplar in labor and delivery and dentistry.Now, aesthetic professionals use it to help the patient’s pain and anxiety.

The system is patient-controlled analgesia for in-office use. This puts the patient in the driver seat, allowing them to self-administer itinstead of requiring a nurse or anesthesiologist. It takes effect in a few seconds and also fades within 10 minutes.

Benefits of Pro-Nox™

  • Pro-Nox™ is a safe and effective form of analgesia.
  • It is self-administered by the patient, delivering analgesia as needed.
  • It provides immediate relief.
  • Clears quickly.
  • Completely non-addictive.
  • Relieves pain and anxiety, helping nervous patients get the procedure

How does it work?

The equal ratio of oxygen and nitrous oxide is meant to keep patients at ease during cosmetic procedures. The oxygen allows the patient to breathe normally while the nitrous oxide relaxes and numbs receptors to relieve pain and anxiety.

The patient inhales the gases before the procedure and then whenever they feel pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Each patient gets their own mouthpiece through which they will inhale the gases. You will receive it before the procedure begins if you choose Pro-Nox™. The physician or nurse will guide and help you learn how to use the machine so you can self-administer the gas when you need it. After the procedure is completed, the mouthpiece will be disposed of.

Will I need a designated driver?

As mentioned previously, Pro-Nox™ delivers gases that take effect and fade away quickly. Unlike the laughing you get at during dental procedures, nitrous oxide clears away within 10 minutes.

Once the procedure is finished, you have to wait 15-20 minutes for the nitrous to clear out. You can then proceed to drive away with no risk.

However, if you feel safer with somebody there, it is up to you.

When is it used?

Any minimally invasive-procedure can be performed with the patient self-administering Pro-Nox™. From Botox® injections to wrinkle treatments, lip augmentation, facial lipofilling, non-surgical hair transplant, fillers, and other non-surgical treatments régénérer® offers, uses Pro-Nox™.

Are there any side effects?

Pro-Nox™ is a safe and reliable system. Most patients don’t experience any side effects. If they do, they are short-lived and mild, which include nausea, headache or dizziness.

You can prevent these side effects by having a snack before the procedure and staying hydrated. If you are concerned, talk to your physician during the consultation.

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