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Best Non-surgical LIP AUGMENTATION in atlanta

Say Hello to Plumper Lips with régénérer® Lip Augmentation

Much like eyebrows, lips are a prominent facial feature that frames our profile. Having a set of full and beautiful lips often has an impact on how confident one feels about their appearance. Many people are born with full, luscious lips, while others are not and some people lose their lip volume as they age.

Thin lips lacking definition can make people self-conscious about their appearance. Facial aesthetics offers a solution in the form of injectable lip augmentation. Even the slightest difference in volume can have a huge impact on your confidence.

When you are satisfied with your pout, it can be very apparent in the way you smile while communicating with somebody or posing for a picture. Whether it’s genetics, age or some other health condition, régénérer® provides lip augmentation procedures for your smile.

Safe and Natural-Looking Lips

Unnatural looking augmented lips can often deter people from getting the lip enhancements they need.With régénérer® , you won’t have to worry about that. Extensive training and a vetted and licensed team of highly-trained physiciansenables us to ensure safe and natural-looking results.

Our goal is to not only enhance but customize the definition of your lips so they don’t lose their natural softness. For that, we find non-surgical and least invasive injectable fillers the right option for you.

Fast Facts

Alternative: Collagen Treatment, Fat Grafting, Lip Threading, Microinfusion, Lip Implants

Safety and Effectiveness: Safe and effective

Treatment Time: 15-30 minutes

Down Time: Little to no downtime is needed

Recovery Time: 1-3 days

Satisfaction Rate: High, 96%

Insurance Coverage: None

Average Cost: $800 to $2000

Result: Immediately, full result in 2 weeks

Number of Treatments: Mostly one but sometime touch-up required.

Longevity of Result: 6-12 months

Risks and Side Effects: Asymmetry, bruises, infections, swelling, lumpiness

Booster Treatment: None

FDA Approved: Yes

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Enhance your gorgeous self with us; our specialists work hard to ensure you receive the care of matchless quality you expect from régénérer®.


Lips Fillers

These are undoubtedly the most popular non-surgical procedures that people opt for to enhance their facial aesthetics. We use high-grade fillers that add instant volume to the lips’ contours for a limited time.

The fillers don’t create a very drastic difference, meaning your lips will still look natural, but with a little bit of oomph. We use great care and meticulous targeting to inject the filler, improving the fullness and shape of your pout.

The process is safe, quick, and comfortable for the most part. You can come in, get the treatment and walk out the door without any downtime and see the results within 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

If you desire fuller and poutier lips, book an initial consultation with régénérer®.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can lip fillers correct?

Advanced lip fillers can enhance the natural shape and volume of lips, giving them a fuller and rounder appearance. Besides volume improvement, lip filler may diminish fine lines around the lips and add more definition to the natural contours of your lips.

Are lip fillers safe?

régénérer® prioritizes the safety and health of our patients at the top. To ensure that, we use high-quality lip fillers and utmost care while performing the procedure. The products we use are FDA approved and our practices comply with high industry standards.

Do lip injections hurt a lot?

Lips are relatively more sensitive compared to other parts of the face. We numb the lips with a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain you might feel. There may be a slight pinching sensation while the needle is being inserted into the lips.

Most patients report discomfort as short-lived and tolerable for the most part. You can always talk to your treatment provider during the consultation and during the procedure if the pain becomes too much to handle.

We understand some patients might experience anxiety or fear. For their comfort, we use Pro-Nox™ to relieve pain and anxiety. Pro-Nox delivers a mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide pneumatically, making sure you’re relaxed during the procedure.

How long do the fillers last?

Your body’s natural anatomy, lifestyle habits, the solution used, and a few external factors may have an impact on the longevity of your lip fillers. It is important to note that lip fillers are temporary and eventually dissolve with time. Typically, they can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

What will my lips look like right after the procedures?

The results vary from person to person. There might be some swelling for a couple of days, which is normal and your body’s reaction to the tiny punctures made by the needle. You can ice the affected area to minimize the swelling and relieve sensitivity.

Am I a candidate for lip fillers?

Lip fillers are usually safe for most people. If you are in generally good health, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Your consultant will go over your medical history during the initial consultation. If there are any concerns, your consultant will discuss them and provide further guidance.

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