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HIPAA Compliance Policy

Our HIPAA Policy describes our clinic’s compliance regarding Protected Health Information. It elaborates on how a patient’s PHI may be used or disclosed. In an effort to respect and protect the privacy of your medical information, we take all necessary measures to comply with legal requirements under HIPAA.

Each patient receives a copy of this policy, which is then secured with their record. régénérer® maintains the records with utmost transparency to ensure all regulations are met and the patients’ medical information is protected.

HIPAA Policy

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed in 1996. It contains provisions for medical practices that define privacy regulations for the protection of patients’ identifiable date.

It defines the information that needs to be protected from inappropriate disclosure. HIPAA also explains definitions, policies, practices, etc., along with the repercussions of non-compliance. This safeguards patients’ rights.

The policies are subject to change at any time, as required and permitted by law. The patients will receive notice of any changes prior to their application.

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How régénérer® may Use or Disclose your Protected Health Information

Under HIPAA, the clinic is permitted to use and disclose information in the following manner. Anything not included in the list is not permitted and warrants the clinic requiring the patient’s written consent.


Your physician may disclose your PHI with other medical personnel, such as doctors, nurses, technicians and other caregivers for managing your healthcare.

Payment Transactions

The clinic may disclose specific medical information for reimbursement of insurance claims and to obtain payment for the services rendered. These may change depending on the nature of the services.

Healthcare Operations

Your PHI may be disclosed for the purposes of introducing changes, learning trends for procedure quality improvements, evaluating physician/nurse performance, and training. The information may also be used to obtaining certifications, accreditations, and licenses required to maintain legal operations of the clinic in Atlanta.


Disclosure of your PHI for research purposes is permitted in limited circumstances. It is disclosed only when a review board examines and ensures privacy protocols or when the patients give authorization.

Public Health Activities

The clinic is required to disclosed information if deemed necessary by law for:

  • Control or prevention of a disease
  • Injury
  • Disability

régénérer® may also disclose information to the FDA in case of an adverse effect caused by a product defect.

Victims of Abuse, Domestic Violence, or Neglect

We have the right to disclose information to appropriate legal authorities if we find reasonable proof of neglect, abuse, or domestic violence. This is included to ensure the patient’s safety and wellbeing.

Health Oversight Activities

Under HIPAA, we are permitted to disclose PHI to agencies that provide health oversight activities. This includes audits, criminal investigations, licensure, disciplinary actions, administrative audits, and other activities authorized by law.


Information will be disclosed to an emergency contact (personal representative), family member, or person responsible for your care in case of an emergency. Only the necessary information will be provided to notify about the patient’s location and general condition. If the patient is able to give permission, it will be documented.

Court Orders and Judicial Proceedings

régénérer® may disclose information in limited circumstances to law enforcement. This includes court orders, subpoena, warrant, etc., required for authorized purposes. Limited information may be disclosed when it concerns a possible suspect, missing person, crime victim, inmate under custody, etc.


PHI may be released to family members, funeral directors, coroners, and medical examiners to help carry out the rights of a deceased patient.

PHI Rights of the Patient

As per our HIPAA Compliance Policy, our patients have the following rights in regard to their protected health information.

Restrictions on PHI

Patients reserve the right to restrict disclosure and certain use of their PHI. The clinic isn’t required to accept the request unless it concerns information about plans, products, and services the patient pays out of pocket for.

Communication by Alternate Means and Locations

A patient can request the clinic to maintain and communicate PHI through contact information other than your current phone number and residential address. However, an accurate number and location will be required for emergency purposes.

Inspect and Obtain PHI

For the duration the clinic maintains a patient’s PHI records, they can request to access it or obtain a copy.

Amend the PHI

If a patient feels their PHI has incorrect or incomplete information, they can request the clinic to make an amendment. The request may be denied on valid grounds in some circumstances. The patient does have the right to have their request reviewed.

Receive Accounts of Disclosure

Patients can request to be notified of certain disclosures made by the facility.

Revisions to the HIPAA Policy

régénérer® reserves the right to change and/or revise the policy as required by the law. You will be notified of the amendments prior to the date it is effective.

Questions or Complaints?

If you have questions regarding the policy or feel any of the HIPAA policies have been violated, you can file a complaint with régénérer®.

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