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Reverse the Signs of Aging in your Hands with régénérer® Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

When it comes to skincare and preventing signs of aging, most people associate it directly with our face. We immediately think about the wrinkles around our eyes and forehead and the folds around our mouth.

We go to the lengths of getting surgical repair and other treatments to bring back our youth. However, we forget directing some of that care towards our hands. As we age, our hands also begin to show its signs. Brown spots start to emerge, the fat loss causes the skin to loosen, and the veins become more prominent.

In addition to aging, hard manual labor and exposure to harmful UV rays, bacteria, and dirt can make them look frail. No matter how many moisturizers you put on them, there are few factors that you need some extra help with.

régénérer® offers a solution that can save you the self-consciousness and turn back the hands of time. With high-definition processes using fillers and NanoJuv techniques, we can add volume and restore some of your lost youth.

Hand Rejuvenation with NanoJuv and Fillers

Loss of fat and raised veins in the hands and around the wrist are some of the most common signs of aging. régénérer® can reverse that to create a more youthful-looking hand. Our treatments supplement that loss of volume.

We use dermal fillers and microfat/nanofat transfers to raise the skin, giving it a smoother look. It also helps minimize the appearance of veins, plumping up your hand. In addition to increasing volume, our treatments also promote increased production of collagen.

Breakdown and reduced production of collagen is one reason why our skin starts to lose its elasticity. It also weakens connective tissue, giving your hands that sunken look.

NanoJuv techniques are solely designed to enable better collagen production in the body. The process involves using your own body’s healing abilities contained within the adipose tissue or fat.

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Stem cells and growth factors are extracted from the fat and then injected into the affected area. The stem cells stimulate collagen production while the carrier adds volume.

régénérer® has expertise in both techniques, having performed them multiple times over the years. The procedure is individualized to fit your needs and return some of the suppleness your hands have lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is primarily administered via injections. Whether we use fillers or the NanoJuv technique, we are very meticulous in our performance. We want to ensure your results are natural-looking and give your hands a balanced look.

Your physician will begin by cleaning and numbing the area with a topical anesthetic. Dr. Khalique will then proceed to inject your hands until the desired results are obtained.

Will I be in pain?

Since the procedure involves needles and no anesthesia, there will be some discomfort as the needles are being injected into the skin. Most patients report the sensation as a pinching feeling that is bearable.

However, we understand that some patients experience anxiety when it comes to medical/cosmetic procedures, have low pain tolerance or have a needle phobia. For them, we offer Pro-Nox™. It is a self-administered sedation system that delivers oxygen and nitrous oxide. You breathe it in to relieve pain and anxiety during the procedure.

How soon can I see the results?

The results with fillers and NanoJuv are immediate. Once the filler is injected into the skin, it will immediately lift your skin. More dramatic results can take some time. You can start noticing them as the swelling and redness subsides in 5-7 days following the procedure.

Are the results permanent?

Dermal fillers are made up of ingredients our bodies metabolize over time. As a result, the fillers are absorbed and our hands are left as they were. Typically, the results may last up to a year.

Fortunately, some fillers and NanoJuv techniques enable collagen production. Even after the fillers have dissolved, your cells continue to produce collagen.

How long is the downtime?

Some people might experience some pain and difficulty when moving their hands post-treatment. There might be some swelling, redness, and/or bruising as well. These are common side effects and subside within a week.

During this time, you can carry on with your routine. You just have to ensure your hands remain clean. Besides that, there is no downtime involved.

Am I a candidate?

Anyone experiencing loss of volume and saggy skin in their hands is a suitable candidate. There are some exceptions, including pregnant people, patients with certain disorders, and allergies to any of the active ingredients in the fillers.

We encourage you to disclose any health condition to your physician during the consultation.

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