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Painless Facial Contouring with Non-Surgical Chin and Jawline Augmentation

Our chin and jawline are pretty much what outline our faces, giving it shape and structure. They are defining features, adding beauty to our appearance. However, some people might not entirely happy with how their chin or jawline currently looks like.

Aging, weight loss, and a natural decline in collagen production can result in lost definition and jowling. Just a little bit of additional volume can tighten the skin and restore harmony and structure to your face so you look younger.

Dr. Khalique Rehman and his team of licensed physicians are equipped with high-grade products and state-of-the-art tools. This allows them to perform high-definition non-surgical processes with meticulous care.

With our chin and jawline augmentation procedures, you can tweak and make small changes to resume balance in your features. The fillers add volume underneath loose skin, folds, and wrinkles.

régénérer® offers a non-surgical way to enhance your jawline and chin, achieving impeccable results that look natural on your facial features without the risks of surgical intervention and long downtime.

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Enhance your gorgeous self with us; our specialists work hard to ensure you receive the care of matchless quality you expect from régénérer®.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the procedure?

régénérer® uses dermal fillers and inject them in concerned areas. The procedure begins with the physician cleaning and numbing the chin or jawline area with topical anesthesia. After that, a series of small injections will be applied to add volume and reshape the chin or jawline.

The procedure is considerably quick, taking somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. However, this is subject to change from patient to patient.

Am I a candidate?

Most patients with a generally good bill of health are eligible for non-surgical chin and jawline augmentation. régénérer® recommends this procedure to patients who have:

  • Sagging skin on the neck due to aging or weight loss
  • Double chin
  • Wrinkles and/or jowling around the chin and jawline
  • Asymmetrical chin shape
  • Weak jawline

Are the results permanent?

Fillers and nanofat transfers are not permanent solutions. Since they are made of substances found in our bodies, they dissolve over time. You may need follow-up treatments.

However, you won’t need them too frequently as the results of non-surgical chin and jawline augmentation can last anywhere between 9 and 18 months. The longevity depends on various factors and changes from patient to patient.

How soon can I see the results?

Like most procedures using fillers and nanofat transfers, you can see immediate results with régénérer® chin and Jawline augmentation. Subtle differences in the structure will be apparent right away while more dramatic differences will be noticeable when the swelling wears off.

Will I be in pain?

You may experience a pinching-like sensation and mild pain when the physician injects the needle in your skin. We do use topical anesthetics to numb the treatment site to reduce the discomfort.

However, if you are an anxious person and don’t do well with pain, you can opt for Pro-Nox™. This sedation system delivers nitrous oxide and oxygen to ease anxiety and pain, making you more comfortable for the duration of the procedure.

How long is the downtime?

Similar to other non-surgical procedures régénérer® performs, our Chin and Jawline augmentation treatments don’t involve a long downtime. In fact, you’ll be able to drive back home after the procedure.

You only have to wait long enough for the physician to clear you and you’ll be on your way. However, there are some post-procedure care instructions to follow. Your physician will explain them all before and after the procedure.

Are there any risks or side effects I should be concerned about?

Mild swelling and redness at the site of injections are common. You may also feel some pain afterward. However, these side effects are temporary and clear out a few days after the procedure.

If you are concerned about a certain health condition, please make sure you bring that our physician’s attention during your consultation. With your medical history in hand, they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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