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NanoFat Transfer

Nanofat is one of the latest “Biologicals” that is getting immense popularity nowadays. People prefer this procedure for reconstructive purposes and facial aesthetic. However, there occurs a significant difference between Nanofat and harvested micro fat, as accumulated micro fat is commonly used to volume up the face and restoration of different areas of the body. The multi-stage morselization process is used for the derivation of Nanofat, and the whole procedure gets done on the harvested fat. The ultimate form of this biological product contains a considerable quantity of adipose-derived stem along with the small numbers of fat cells.

Concept of NanoFat Grafting

The other name of Nanofat Grafting is “Micro-Fat Grafting.” This technique is considered as one of the most excellent methods for fat transfer. The procedure gets done by removing a small amount of fat from a particular part of the body and injecting it into the other desired area of the body. The word nano or micro defines all those small particles of fats that are notably altered and can be used for all those areas that require contouring, including wrinkles, fine lines, temples, dark circles around the eyes, and other facial restoration.

The ideal part of Nanofat transfer is that the procedure is a quiet, secure, comfortable, and cost-effective method to replace the significant volume loss. They can be injected quickly by using cannula, needles, and filler sized injections.

Significance of NanoFat Grafts

Most of the latest studies have highlighted the importance of Nanofat Graft as it has been appeared as an essential adjunct due to multiple reasons. You can consider Nanofat Transfer if you want to observe;

  • Enhancement and transformation of aging skin
  • Significant diminution in the facial wrinkles
  • Removal of skin discoloration particularly around the eyes
  • Remedial of blazes
  • Treatment of radiodermatitis after radiation therapy

Ideal Candidates for NanoFat Transfer Process

If you have noticed any aging signs, then you can consider the process of Nanofat Grafting for you. It would help if you recognized the following aging signs including;

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Deep-set appearance around the eyes
  • The presence of dark circles

If you are facing any of the issues as mentioned above, then preferring the NanoFat Transfer process is the ideal solution to all these concerns. The best part of this procedure is that it doesn’t involve long and painful surgical procedures. The process is quite simple, secure, and can be chosen at any time. The method is not much expensive and can be selected to get rid of aging issues.

Final Words

The selection of Microfat grafting is ideal for the patients in many ways. It doesn’t involve any tender procedures as a local anesthetic is used to provide complete comfort to the patient. It’s just a matter of a few hours because a small needle attached to the syringe gets injected for the removal of excessive fat.

If you are worried about the excess fat and want to get rid of fat from flank, buttocks, and abdomen, then go for this procedure without any second thought.

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