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Hi-Def Face and Body Aesthetics Helping People Achieve Their Health and Beauty Goals

There is no denying that people want to look their best and sometimes that involves going a bit beyond using night cream and moisturizers. There is much more gravitas and nuance when it comes to people wanting to achieve complete wellness. Modern surgical and non-surgical aesthetics make this a reality.

At régénérer® we understand people’s desire to have their bodies and faces reflect how young they feel. For this, they need to go beyond the norm of medical intervention. Our goal is to make these procedures accessible to people in Atlanta to facilitate the pursuit of health and beauty.

Our Practice

Both régénérer® clinics are in Atlanta, providing people aesthetic care in a warm and welcoming environment. Along with Interventional Orthobiologic Medicine, Dr. Khalique Rehman established the practice to provide professional cosmetic solutions.

We understand the complexity of human insecurities and how even the smallest difference in their appearance can have on their self-esteem. That is why we utilize advanced procedures and state-of-the-art tools and equipment so our patients get impeccable results.

Our specialty encompasses both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to meet the diverse needs of our patients. An extensive background in the field of aesthetic medicine allows us to add not only technical skills but also an artistic sense to our procedures.

From thorough patient education to guiding them towards the most optimal solutions, we hope to ease patients’ anxieties and provide a safe and comfortable experience.

The régénérer® People

Whether it’s a simple lip filler procedure or a complex mommy makeover, finding the right medical professionals is crucial. Experience, skills, and a compatible personality are all essential for an overall successful procedure.

Dr. Khalique, along with the entire régénérer® staff, takes pride in what we do. Hence, we work day and night to make patient care and your satisfaction our number one priority.

Our internal policies include a meticulous vetting process that allows us to filter candidates so we can provide you with the service of some of the best people in the industry. Not only are they qualified and capable but also compassionate about their work.

Our Procedures

Our trained and certified professionals are skilled in the most advanced cosmetic procedures available today. We specialize in non-surgical procedures that are not only minimally-invasive but also designed to offer patients shorter recovery times.

The results we have been able to achieve with our procedures boast both clinical expertise and aesthetic artistry. Whether you need anti-wrinkle treatments to diminish signs of aging or a non-surgical rhinoplasty, régénérer® aims to deliver superior results without compromising patient care.

Adherence to High Standards

Along with our medical director, our medical team is both trained and certified by relevant regulatory bodies to ensure operations in accordance with high medical and cosmetic standards. In addition to that, we use medical consumables of the highest grade available.

Improving Continuously

We fully understand the dynamic nature of medical aesthetics. Our procedures are continuously reevaluated and improved to offer even better results than before. Having access to professional networks in the hi-def aesthetics industry enables us to stay at the forefront.


We at régénérer® are passionate about results. Both surgical and non-surgical procedures that we offer are designed and customized to individual patient’s needs. This guarantees excellent results achieved from effective and safe procedures.


We understand that aesthetic treatments are not like any other medical procedure. They are much more meaningful and have a deep impact on our confidence. With that in mind, we offer solutions that are more than just a lip filler or anti-aging treatment.

Sustaining Beauty and Health with Meticulously Performed Surgical and Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

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