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About the Physician

Khalique Rehman, MD

Dr. Khalique Rehman, an interventionist, Cosmetic and aesthetic medicine physician by vocation, is currently serving as the Medical Director at régénérer® with over fifteen years of experience in clinical practice in the United States.

As a student, he earned his medical education from King Edward Medical University/AIMC, Pakistan. After graduating, he migrated to the US and joined VCU School of Medicine at Richmond, Virginia, as a general surgery resident.

During his time at VCU School of Medicine as a resident, Dr. Rehman completed rotations in various specialties including Plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, transplant, and neurosurgery. The two years consisted of learning different aspects of medicine and what they offer to relieve patient suffering.

His interest in orthopedic surgery during his rotation ignited an interest in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His exceptional performance during his surgical residency played a part in him getting accepted into a prestigious PM&R Residency Program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here, he was extensively trained in interventional pain and sports medicine. He was also exposed to the wonders of Interventional Orthobiologic Medicine and all that it has achieved in a short time. With that, he began his journey to getting certified and opening up a practice of his own.

It was not only PM&R that captured Dr. Rehman’s interest. As a general surgery resident, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures fascinated him during his plastic surgery rotation. He saw people go to extreme lengths to get a little bit of their youth back.

This sat at the back burner as Dr. Rehman was busy setting up his Interventional Orthobiologic Medicine clinic, régénérer®. However, his passion and desire to delve deeper into the aesthetics field was reignited soon after.

Now having a platform where he could offer patients better alternatives, he wanted to culminate aesthetic and cosmetic procedures in régénérer®. To make sure he is able to offer his patients the best of what the industry has to offer, Dr. Rehman went on to receive extensive training in the US and around Europe.

He also became a member of The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) and the International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA). His expertise and proficiency with technical skills enabled to practice and facilitate non-surgical and surgical aesthetics at régénérer®® in Atlanta, Georgia.

For Dr. Rehman, each patient’s needs and requirements are of utmost priority. He understands why patients choose aesthetic treatments. To make sure the clinic was able to facilitate the patients’ pursuits of health and beauty.

Utilizing an artistic approach to beauty and cosmetics, Dr. Rehman combines both American and European trends. Further optimal results are guaranteed through compliance to the highest possible safety standards in the aesthetics and cosmetic industry.

For Dr. Rehman, precision, accuracy, and top-notch results are all of the utmost importance. That’s why he performs all his procedures himself with the aid of highly-trained nurses and ancillary staff.

He has further concentrated his specialty to non-surgical medicine. Dr. Rehman’s goal is to make procedures as pain-free and non-invasive as possible and virtually without any downtime. To ensure this, he uses state-of-the-art technologies including AccuVein, Pro-Nox™, Tulip, and Amiea Exceed.

The emphasis here is to achieve results with minimum side effects; whether it’s bruising, pain, swelling or redness. He achieves that by being extremely meticulous before, during, and after the procedure.

Under his watchful eye and exemplary guidance, régénérer® strives to make huge leaps in the aesthetic industry, helping people match their outward appearance to their inner youth and vitality without compromising on patient care.

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